Pinnacle Public School

School Profile

Information of the School as per CBSE Requirement
1 Name of the School with Address PINNACLE PUBLIC SCHOOL
Limbadia N.H 8, Nr. Narmada Canal, Nana Chiloda Circle, Gandhinagar, Gujarat-382330, India.
  I) E-mail
  II) Ph.No +91 96876 39951 / +91 96876 39954
2 Year of establishment of School 2013
3 Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India Obtained?Yes I) NOC NO.PRI/KH-2/NOC/13/4677-4678
II) NOC issuing date:21/11/2013
4 Is the school recognized, if yes by which Authority? CBSE Affiliation No: 430232
5 Status of Affiliation: PERMANENT I) Affiliation No: 430232
II) Affiliation with the Board(Nursery to 12th) Issue:01/04/2014
III) Extension of affiliation up to:31/03/2022
6 Name of the Trust/Society/Company Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956.Period up to Which registration of Trust/Society is valid? LIGHT FOUNDATION

List of members of School Managing Committee with their address and Post held:

Sr. No Member Name Father/Spouse Name Designation in SMC Occupation with Address
1 Mr. Rajesh Keshwani Lokchand Keshwani Chairman Chairman-Pinnacle Public School
Limbadia, Nr. Narmada Canal, N.H No.8, Gandhinagar
2 Ms. Anita Khyani Sanjay Khyani Principal Principal-Pinnacle Public School.
Limbadia, Nr. Narmada Canal, N.H No.8, Gandhinagar
3 Ms. Pinky Lulla Shrichand Lulla Admin Head Admin Head-Pinnacle Public School
Limbadia, Nr. Narmada Canal, N.H No.8, Gandhinagar
4 Mr. Vinod Sharma Brahmanand Sharma Teacher Teacher-Pinnacle Public School
Limbadia, Nr. Narmada Canal, N.H No.8, Gandhinagar
5 Ms. Meenakshi Patidar Bhavesh Patidar Teacher Teacher-Pinnacle Public School
Limbadia, Nr. Narmada Canal, N.H No.8, Gandhinagar
6 Mr. Anilkumar Pritmani Jawaharlal Pritmani Parents Rep Business-Textile Market, Ahmedabad
7 Mr. Arun Chhabria Ved Prakash Chhabria Parents Rep Business-Textile Market, Ahmedabad
8 Ms.Bhumi Prajapati Dr. Vimal Prajapati Member Dice Co-ordiinator
9 Ms. Chhaya Bhatt Nitin Bhatt Principal Principal, Bright Victory School
10 Mr. Wilfred John Albert John Member Administrator-Pinnacle Public School.
Limbadia, Nr. Narmada Canal, N.H No.8, Gandhinagar
11 Ms. Niranjanaben Patel Vijay Patel Member Principal, Limbadia Govt. School
12 Ms. Preeti Bhagia Jayesh Bhagia Member Central Head-Khyati Nino's, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

Name and official address of The Manager/President/Chairman/Correspondent

Name E-mail Ph.No
Mr. Rajesh Keshwani +91 96876 39951 / +91 96876 39954
Area of School Campus
I In Acre 3.3
II In 13457
III Built-up Area(
IV Area of Playground in( 4400
V Other facilities:  
  A) Swimming pool No
  B) Indoor Games Yes
  C) Dance Room 600 Sq.
  D) Gymnasium No
  E) Music Room 600 Sq
  F) Hostel Nil
  G) Health & Medical Check-up Once In a Year

Particulars of teaching staff

Sr. No Teachers Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification
1 Ms. Anita Khyani Principal 30th May, 2013 M Sc, B Ed
2 Ms. Asha Shamnani  PGT  8th June,2017 M Com, B Ed 
3 Ms. Diya Keswani TGT  1st April,2019 M Com , B Ed 
4 Mr. Godwin Ross PGT  1st June,2019 M Com, B Ed
5 Ms. Ritu Sathiyani  PGT  1st June,2018 M CA
6 Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma  PGT  1st April,2019 B Com , B Ped , Fine & DIM
7 Mr. Manoj Ajmera PGT  1st June,2019 M Sc , B Ed
8 Mr. Parth Modi PGT  1st April,2019 M Sc , B Ed
9 Ms. Meenakshi Patidar  PGT  1st April,2015 M Sc, B Ed
10  Ms. Anubha Singh   TGT 28th May,2013 BA, B Ed
11 Mr. Dipak M Suthar  TGT 1st April,2014 MA, B Ed
12 Ms. Lavina Asnani Krishnani  TGT 2nd April,2018 M Com, B Ed
13  Ms.. Bhavna Sharma  TGT 1st October,2014 B Sc, B Ed
14 Ms. Neetu Pathak TGT 1st August,2017 BA, B Ed
15 Ms. Savita Mishra  TGT 1st April,2019  MCA
16 Ms. Vinita Shajani PRT 10th April,2019 M Com B Ed  
17 Ms. Varsha Chawla PRT  9th April,2019 M A, B Ed 
18 Ms. Poonam Mishra PRT 19th November,2018 M Com, B Ed
19 Ms. Sanju Yadav  PRT 1st April,2015 BA
20 Ms. Hiral Rana PRT 2nd January,2017 B Sc, B Ed
21 Ms. Deepa Lalwani  PRT 1st June,2018 M Com, B Ed
22 Ms. Roma Tharwani  PRT 4th June,2014 B Com, B Ed
23 Ms. Manjusha Gangurde  PRT 19th November,2018 B Sc, B Ed
24 Ms. Kajal Bodhani PRT 12th April,2018 B Com, B Ed
25 Mr. Nitesh Wankhede  P T I 28th May,2013 B Com, B.PED.
26 Ms. Annilata Sason  PRT 1st April,2015 BA (Dance), B Com
27 Mr. Rajnikant Parmar  PRT 29th August,2016 Dip in fine Arts 
28 Mr. Nelson Christian   PRT 12th July,2016 Dip in Music, BA, B Ed
29 Ms. Vaishali Shah Librarian 20th May,2019 M.lib
30 Ms. Surekha Siisodia  PPRT  6th November,2018 B Sc , MBA 
31 Ms. Sapna Kotak PPRT  1st April,2019 B Com
32 Ms. Richa Sabhagchandani PPRT  1st April,2019 BCA
33 Ms. Parul Saluja PPRT  1st April,2014 B Com + Montessorie

Particulars of Non-teaching staff

Sr. No Name of Staff Member Designation Date of appointment Qualification
2 Wilfred John Administrator 2nd June,2014
1 Pinky Lulla Admin Head 28th May,2013 M.Com, CIA+
3 Neelam Singh UDC 15th June,2015 B.A + Diploma in office management
4 Madhuri Agle LDC 22nd July,2019

Library Facilities

I Size of the Library in Sq. Feet 780 Sq.ft
II No. of Periodicals 12
III No. of Dailies 8
IV Number of Reference Books 795
V No. of Magazines 10
VI Number of Fiction, Non-Fiction & Others 4208

Name of the Grievance/redressal officer

Name Contact No E-mail
Ms. Pushpa Lakhani +91 95583 40809
Members of Sexual Harassment Committee
1 Ms Anita Khyani Presiding officer
2 Ms Pinky Lulla Member
3 Mr. Wilfred John Member
4 Ms Pushpaben Lakhani Representative of Light Foundation
5 Ms Chayya Bhatt External Lady member

Section-wise enrolment of School for the current year

Nursery 1 5
Jr KG 1 20
Sr KG 2 41
1st 2 54
2nd 2 43
3rd 2 57
4th 2 54
5th 2 48
6th 2 41
7th 1 17
8th 1 25
9th 1 24
10th 2 40
11th Sci. 1 27
11th Com. 1 2

School Timings

Grade Timings(Mon – Sat) Timings(2nd Sat)
Nursery, Jr. Kg, & class 1 8:45 am to 12:40 pm Holiday
Class 2 to 10 7:45 am to 01:45 pm Holiday

Academic Session period

April March

Vacation Period

May June

Admission Period

November May